“For as the soil makes the sprout come up and a garden causes seeds to grow, so the Sovereign Lord will make righteousness and praise spring up before all nations.” - Isaiah 61:11




"I want to thank you for your newsletter... I cannot even begin to tell you what a blessing it is for me!"

Our Newsletter For Moms: the garden

At times moms can feel a bit isolated at home, especially if we have little ones. Perhaps without stimulating adult conversation and missing the company of others with whom we can relate and share what we're experiencing. In this way, we're like a single, unique and beautiful flower which God created in a very special way. Yet God wants us to come together and stand as one with other moms to create a diverse and radiant garden, in which we all shine brighter because we are together-each sharing what makes us unique and truly special... including our strengths and weaknesses! Together we are stronger when we bless one another with our unique gifts, and help those who may be struggling in certain areas. We hope you join us in the garden!

In an effort to provide encouragement and support, I create and provide a free, monthly newsletter with things of interest to moms, including holiday issues with ideas of how to help keep the focus on Jesus in fun ways for our family. I send them out monthly, and they run from September to May. 

the garden newsletters include the following:

-Sowing the 'Seed' of the Word: biblical encouragement for moms

-Kitchen Connection: moms share favorite recipes

-Craft Corner:  a fun, seasonal craft for our children/us

-Nourishment for the ‘Soil’: moms share something God has taught them in their journey of life to encourage others and help build their faith

-This Month's 'Pick':  an encouraging health tip

-Family Traditions: fun and meaningful ways to build family memories, while instilling Christian values that will last

-How Does Your Garden Grow?: moms share a picture of their garden or flowers, and what it means to them and their family

-The Harvest: moms share the harvest they've seen from the 'seeds' they’ve sown in the lives of their children… even if only “glimpses” so far!

I encourage moms to contribute to this to make it more diverse and of value to the readers.  So, please feel free to contact me with something you think would be good to include in a future issue!

Moms In Bloom is currently on hiatus, with no specific plan or date as to when it will be returning. But please enjoy our past issues of the Moms In Bloom newsletter.

Below, you'll find the newsletters to download and check out.  Feel free to browse them before getting set up to receive them directly each month.

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the garden - November 2007 the garden - December 2007
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the garden - April 2008
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